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5 Steps to a Better Sleep

Many people struggle to get a good night sleep. Maybe you are one of them?

So many things in our day to day lives can interfere with our sleeping pattern. Being fully rested is massively important for our health, physically, mentally and emotionally.


If we don't get enough rest, it can have a negative impact our brain function, weight and hormones.

If this is you, you are not the only one. With a high increase in working hours, stress, and poor nutrition across the globe, many people are in the same situation with lack of sleep. However, it is not all doom and gloom. You don't have to have sleepless nights forever more. There are a number of habits you can adopt to improve your sleep.

Below is a list of our top five steps that we believe can massively contribute to a good nights rest.

1. Manage your nutrition intake. Many of us eat big meals close to when we go to bed in the evenings. What this does is creates a lot of work for our digestive system, so our body is working away when it should be getting ready to rest. Our body digests food best when we are standing. Lying down can put immense pressure on our internal organs, especially if we are overweight, which can lead to all sorts of health problems. Healthy, nutritionally rich meals provide our body with the nutritional release and energy that it needs for any physical and mental exertion throughout the day. Try to eat lightly in the evening and ideally at least few hours before going to bed. If you want support with your nutrition book in a wellness consultation with us here.

2. Turn your lights down low. If you've got your lights brightly shining in the evening, your brain will still think it's day time. This means that your pineal gland is not going to release as much melatonin, which helps you rest and sleep well. Try to dim your lights a couple of hours or more before going to bed. This includes NOT looking at your mobile phone, laptop, tv etc, which all emit blue light. On most smart phones and laptops these days, they have a setting to turn down the blue light in the evenings. Equally make sure you are exposed to a lot of light during the day, so you don't feel like napping.

3. Do some physical activity. Exercise seriously helps you rest at night. You don't have to be a gym monster or go for 10 mile run's everyday. Just a 10 minute walk, cycle, light aerobic exercise everyday or 30 minutes+ a few times a week can help. It's better done outdoors in daylight hours so your body can absorb the natural sunlight.

4. Keep phones out of room at night. As mentioned in #2 light from your phone interferes with the body's natural rhythm. Even if your phone just flashes from messages when you are in zz land it still has a negative effect on your quality of sleep. You'll do wonders if you turn it off and/or leave it outside your room.

5. Manage stress. This is a big deal with a lot of the population. If you are feeling stressed, you are not the only one. Talk it out. Whether it is to a friend, a stranger, a counsellor, a neighbour, you're note book or your dog. DO NOT keep it in. Give it an outlet and let it go. If you are dealing with a lot of stress and want to talk to someone feel free to send us a message. We have online meditation groups you can join for FREE or if you want a little extra support why not book in for a 1-1 session. Click here to have a look.

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