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Could this be you?

A typical day:

You wake up early, thinking WTF - ''what am I doing this for?''

You then eat something quickly thinking of how bad the weather is outside.

You grudgingly get dressed already sensing how cold it is out there.

You make your way to work running for the train so you don't miss it OR driving and anticipating the traffic you'll have to sit in.

You get to work and put on your best smile to be greeted with a mirror of fake smiles, hiding the disappointment of being stuck in the office too.

You carry on with the day and try not to check the time, it goes backwards.

You check again and it's 30 minutes to the break. What feels like 1hr passes and you look up again to see if it's now time, but the clock shows it's only been 10 minutes!- you're thinking the clock must be frozen now.

Break comes and the clock speeds up. "What?! I could have sworn it's only been 10 minutes!"

You've really worked hard today and your manager approaches, (you think to congratulate you) but instead gives you another pile of work to do because you've got through the rest of it so quickly.

When it's time to go home you can't wait to get out of the office but this excitement is short lived as you hit rush hour traffic on the way home OR you're train is delayed and when you finally get on one, because it's so busy, you have to spend half an hour breathing in the stench of the sweaty arm pit of the guy next to you.

When you are home you want to try to be healthy so you decide to cook something for yourself.

Then you realise you forgot to pick up the veg from the shop so you end up ordering pizza and drinking coke.

By the time you've taken a quick shower it's time to go to bed.

You repeat all the above for 5 days.

Sound familiar?

Are you happy with this?

I mean everyone else is doing it too... aren't they?

Ok so... You often go through days like you’re on the automatic pilot mode, just doing what you think you have to do. You don't ask yourself too many questions because you're scared of the answers you might find or the pain you’d feel in digging down inside yourself, but... ultimately there comes a point when you have to stop and ask yourself a few honest questions. Maybe for you, that moment is now...

1- What are you doing this for?
2- Who are you doing this for?
3- What is ‘’this’’ that you’re doing leading you to?
4- How long are you going to be in this situation?
5- Why are you compromising yourself?
6- Is this the best you could do?
7- If you could do better, should you?
8- What is holding you back?
9- Are you a slave of your paradigm?
10- If you keep doing what you’re doing, could you possibly get a better result?
11- Do you really want to win in life?
12- Where do you start from and how will you change?

After pausing and asking yourself these questions, you may feel that there is something more to this life than living to get by and repeating the same things day in day out. You’re probably sceptical and confused but at the same time you know your life has a bigger meaning than just to work, pay bills, have a family and live in the struggle for years. Possibly until you’re old, tired and perhaps retired.

Now you’re considering to look into the steps you need to take to change and create more fulfilment. Here's what can support you with that:

1. Take a moment to talk to yourself and answer the questions of why you want to do this. What is the reason you want to make a change? As you become aware of this you start realizing you don’t have to keep feeling the same way towards things you’ve been doing anymore.

2. Make a plan to move away from that full time job. The one that's giving you enough to pay bills but is not helping you to fulfil your passion. You know you like to work diligently on your job but what you also want is to work passionately on your dream to make it become reality.

3. Take consistent steps needed to proceed and remember you MUST keep your reason why visible, whether it's written or in a picture, keep it with you all the time. Then, at times that you don’t feel like doing what you are doing in that moment, you just remind yourself of the reason why. This should give you the drive and discipline to keep going.

When taking these steps you’re already feeling happier because you see yourself transforming from the stress of the previous routine you stuck yourself in, to the freeing feeling of living your life in a way that fulfils you.

Now that you’ve found that spark you can’t ignore it. Well you could but likelihood is you’ll wind up unhappy because you’d be supressing what lights you up.

Remember that life is not what happens to you, as happenings occur to everyone, whether perceived as positive of not. Life is what you do with what happens to you, how you choose to feel about it. Setbacks are only part of the cycle but we always have to remind ourselves that the current situation is temporary and will eventually will come to an end. You decide when it does. Sometimes it takes what feels like a few hardships to change and come out on top.

So, start feeling grateful for waking up, firstly because everyday about 150,000 people didn’t. Secondly, because you now have another opportunity to write the rest of your life, start with a change of attitude and with knowing that it IS possible that if other people are living their dream life, that’s available for you too.

Love Always,

Freedom Flames xx

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