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The power of intention

My dear soul,

If you had a seed and you wanted to get something out of it, would you just hold it in your hand? Would you just place it on the ground? Would you dig a hole and then bury it? And if nothing comes out of it, would you bury one more or would you let go? Would you keep trying?

The only way to make something materialise before it takes a shape in the reality is to see it before it happens, that's called faith. It's also called vision because it's a picture that you visualise in your head of something that your eyes can't see.

A seed is an idea, you decide what to do with it. Whether you want to invest time and put in work or just let go. The same amount of care and dedication you need to grow a seed into a #healthy and strong plant, is the same passion and work you have to use to better yourself and make your idea flourish into concrete action.

Those steps will lead you to be successful in your venture.

So, vision and faith are the musts for your journey into personal development.

Another one, as important as the two already mentioned is eagerness. This is perhaps more complicated to keep alive than the other two, as doubt and adversity will probably be part of your experience along the way. Many people won't believe in you since they don't see the seed, but they don't have your vision, nor your faith and all they do is kill your buzz.

Also, I can guarantee you that in order for that seed to grow, it only needs your resiliency, your love, your care and your attention. So, if you can stand strong enough to go back to that naked piece of land and see a gracious plant, you'll understand it's the time to put in even more effort to keep your plant alive and to make it grow further more into a great tree.

Love Always,


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