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How I've got more energy now than ever!

Just over three years ago my life took a different direction forever!

I was 22 at the time, living on my own in Italy and working full time. I was single and partying hard. I had a regular young man's' life, dreaming of the good life and feeling sorry for having become an adult so suddenly and having more responsibility.

I was never out of shape but I started feeling tired in the afternoon and for sure drained at the end of the day.

I also started getting ill so often and that is when I began to worry a little about my health and started looking into my nutrition and fitness level, giving myself a 5, I knew I could only improve but had no idea how to do so.

An idea started taking place in my mind that I should have joined the gym, that would have cured my symptoms and on top of that, I wanted to gain muscle and look sexy.

My first attempt was very poor as I only gained 1kg in 6 months!

Back then I thought I only had to eat a lot, not focusing on what I was eating.

So most days I would have milk and biscuits three times a day, because calories was my game, and plus I was very lazy and tired (especially in the evening) to cook.

Mid December 2015 everything changed for me when I met a guy at the gym and he invited me for a body scan on his scale...

The information he provided and his knowledge on nutrition just struck a chord with me and made me feel like giving him a chance. He got me on a monthly program, I felt great about the fact that I was doing something with a structure to better my health and after 21 days I felt absolutely fantastic! like never before!

I was full of vitality and energy, so much so that I remember one day I woke up two hours before the alarm, feeling so energized I couldn't fall back asleep, I went for a run and then came home, showered and went to the gym before even going to work.

What made me think I was going crazy is that once I got back home, around 11.30pm after work, I still had energy to cook a healthy meal for myself.

This is how I've been feeling for the last three years now, fully energised and very healthy.

Having energy is a game changer, feeling good with yourself is a beautiful experience, you can't understand it if you hear it or read it, you have to feel it.

Feeling energised from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep is an assurance that your day starts in the best way and you have more resources to make it end gloriously.

It means that you can accomplish much more physically and also have more mental clarity. It means you can be a better parent, because you have the energy your kids require for you to be actively engaged with them. It means you are happy with yourself, because you can get done more than yesterday.

I am so happy that I said yes that day to an opportunity that has changed my life for the better.

Love always,



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