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Racism is a very broad topic and is surely one of the dearest ones to Freedom Flames as what we believe in is Oneness and Love. Racism is on the complete other realm of fear.

I’ve experienced this form of discrimination first hand many times in the past as most people have and I have some considerations and reflections I believe are worth sharing.

I spent a considerable part of my youth looking for signs of racism and disrespect in other people and sure enough, I found many of them in several circumstances.

I’ll never forget my first time. I was in primary school and someone was asking me why I was darker, perhaps it was because I didn’t wash too often, they said. As a child, I didn’t really understand that but what made it bad to me was the laughter of the other kids, I felt so embarrassed and vulnerable and that affected me. I went home and told my mom, and she just laughed and told me that "these kids are just silly, don’t mind them." I believe that that one sentence was a defining moment that helped me to build compassion and understanding towards ignorant behaviours, especially in the most recent years of my life.

At school I then started identifying myself with the kids that were unpopular and mocked, and also the girls, as they were often more sensitive.

Growing up a bit more the racist remarks became even more outrageous and I remember being a victim of discrimination on a few occasions on a football field and learning to deal with it verbally, I began to build a fake but strong self-esteem and an unconscious but really strong ego, as most of the times, defending myself verbally meant to ridicule the other person.

I started feeling cool and bullet proof, you mock me, I crush you, verbally, but I’ll crush you. I became so good at it that I managed to get people apologizing for what they said.

Not long ago I found myself becoming more consciously aware and introducing mindfulness and meditation changed everything for me.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt and most valuable that is gradually helping me get rid of this big ego I had is that we are all one, we are all humans and we are all on different levels of understanding.

I know there is God in each of us and most of us are just not aware of this.

I now understand that someone’s judgement on me as ignorant as it could be, is still theirs, which means they are entitled to that but also that I don’t necessarily have to let it affect me or create any hostile feeling inside me. On the other hand, I can take my time to understand why this person is being ignorant and see if I can help them better their behaviour, with patience and love.

The only way I see of curing any ignorant behaviour is education, self love and meditation. The more you love yourself, the more you feel connected to everything else and you begin to understand that judging others is really just judging a part of yourself.

Love always,

Freedom Flames

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