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The importance of taking action - how to get out of the comfort zone

"Its ok to be scared, being scared means you're about to do something really, really brave."

Staying in our comfort zone usually means we are sat smack bang in the middle of pain and pleasure. We are not truly satisfied but if we move there is too much fear of risk. If we step out of our comfort zone the possibility of pain pulls us back in. The only way to get to pleasure is through action...

Our power comes from action.

I chose to do something recently that I was so fired up and eager about. There I was, ready to put in the action UNTILL...

The fear of pain crept in, then the self doubt and blew me strait back to the edge of my comfort zone, leaving me feeling completely depleted and at the verge of an emotional outpour! Just as I was about to tip, I looked up and noticed my whiteboard where I had drawn a pain to power scale (from the book Feel the Fear and do it anyway). I saw how far down the scale I had slipped and I knew it was now or never to take action.

I took a deep breath, made the decision and without hesitation I launched myself into what I needed to do.

There were a few wobbles but when it was over I looked back and thought "why on earth did I waste so much time when it only takes a split second to act!? I realised that the key is to act immediately, to not delay the action after the decision if it is something that allows you to live to your fullest expression.

The longer we spend delaying the more we leave room for talking ourselves out of it. It you really want something, if you really believe you are worth more, if you really know that there is something greater outside the box...







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